Welcome to Nuttari Terrace Street!


“Nuttari Terrace Street” was renovated from the Japanese old “nagaya“(row houses) that used to be called “Nuttari Market Street”. It was 2015 that Nuttari Terrace Street officially started after all nagaya had been occupied by unique shops, including Izakaya(Japanese-style restaurant), ceramic art studio, coffee shop, bakery, deli, accessory shops, and bookstore etc. This website offers you some tips to enjoy Nuttari Terrace Street. We hope you spend a pleasant day feeling a modern but nostalgic atmosphere with things, people and place that you can see only here in Nuttari Terrace Street!



and wood
(Ceramic art sudio & class)
(Furniture & coffee)
Ruruck Kitchen
(Veggies & fruits)
TANKON & キッチンガーデンとみおか
(Furniture/ Pork & Veggies)
(jewelry shop)
S.W.D. + s-plan
(Used board & iron items)
(Northern-European items)
(jewelry shop)
(Retro items)
(Tempura deli)
(Flower shop)
(Used books)
taruhi glass works
(glass items & workshop)
HOSHINO koffee & Labo.
work place シロツメ舎
(Used furniture)
なり-nuttari NARI-


Each shop on this street has different operating hours and there are a lot of shops closed especially on Tuesday and Wednesday. We highly recommend coming to visit on Friday and Saturday so that you can enjoy many shops.

On the 1st Sunday of the month, we hold “Asaichi/ Fuyuichi” (Morning Market/ Winter Market). Almost all shops open on that day, so you can have a good time doing some shopping, eating and strolling through Nuttari Terrace Street.

厨酒場わかつき/ Kuriyasakaba Wakatsuki                                       

【OPEN】Everyday except Monday
Lunch:11:30am.-2:00pm.Dinner:4:00pm.-10:00pm (9:00pm.L.I.)



A great collaboration of Okonomiyaki & wine at “Wakatsuki’s kitchen”

and wood                                             

【OPEN】Mon.-Sun. 9:00am.-6:00pm.

*Showroom: Fri.-Sun. 10:00am.-18:00pm. (reservation-only)

【CLOSED】irregularly closed


“Solid wood flooring” brings you significant changes to your life. “and wood” has about 20 kinds of selected wood materials to choose from. The owner is there to help co-ordinate and to give inspiration to the floor.

青人窯 / Aotogama                                      

【OPEN】Thur.- Sun.

【CLOSED】Mon.- Wed.


Ceramic art studio & class with a display of simple but profound works

アトリエNOVI / Atelier NOVI                                                                

【OPEN】Order: Reservation-only

【CLOSED】irregularly closed


Jewelry studio run by Nobuko Abe, original & customer-ordered design, and jewelry reform

ニカイGallery / Nikai Gallery                                                           

IMG_3004-500x333 【OPEN】Up to exhibition schedule


【TEL】 090-2849-9610

“Elaborate craft” is the concept, exhibiting artworks of artists in & outside Niigata

全粒粉パン工房ポッポのパン/ Poppo no Pan                                           

【OPEN】Mon., Thur.-Sun.
10:30am.- sold out

【CLOSED】Tue., Wed.


Bread made from 100% natural yeast & graham flour which make it fresh, flavorful & healthy

株式会社テラスオフィス/ Terrace Office Co., Ltd.                                    

IMG_7114-500x330【OPEN】Mon.- Sat. (1st & 3rd Sat. of the month)
9:00am.- 6:00pm.

【CLOSED】Sun. & holidays

【TEL】025-384-4010 (FAX: 025-384-4020)

Real estate & event management for the revitalization of Nuttari

ISANA                                                                                                       FH030025-500x331

【OPEN】Mon., Thur.- Sun.
10:00am.- 6:00pm.

【CLOSED】Tue. & Wed.


A pleasant time with original furniture, coffee & dyeing and weaving cloth

大佐渡たむら/ Osado Tamura                                                                  

4:30pm.-11:00pm.(Fri. & Sat.: -0:00am.)

【CLOSED】Sun., 3rd Sat. of the month


A Japanese-style restaurant with delicious & seasonal food at a reasonable price

Ruruck Kitchen                                                                                                  

【OPEN】Mon.- Fri./ 1st & 3rd Sat. of the month
10:30am.- 6:30pm.(Oct.- Feb.: – 6:00pm. )(1st & 3rd Sat.)- 5:00pm.

【CLOSED】Sun., National holiday

【TEL】025-245-6789/ 025-384-4010

Homemade side dishes & sweets with fresh ingredients made in Osado Tamura

佐藤青果物店/Sato Seikabutsuten                       

FH000001-500x335 【OPEN】Mon.- Sat.
3:30am.- 3:30pm.

【CLOSED】Sun., National holiday (Jan.- Mar.)Wed.


More than 50-year history in Nuttari, dealing in a variety of fresh vegetables, fruits & seasonal pickles

TANKON & キッチンガーデン・とみおか/ TANKON & Kitchen Garden・Tomioka

[Thur. except 1st of the month] 10:00-18:00 (purefield)
[1st Thur. of the month] 11:00-16:00 (Yakigashiya Hana)
[Fri.] 12:00am.-18:00pm.
[Sat.&Sun.] 10:00am.-18:00pm.


[TANKON] Handmade furniture that makes your life comfortable & delightful

[Kitchen Garden・Tomioka] Tender and juicy “Echigo Mochi Pork” & organic vegetables, herb and rice grown with the pork compost and original enzyme

[purefield] Counceling that aplies “Pesonality Psychology” to enrich the relationship between parents and children

[Yakigashiya Hana] Simple & flavorful pastries that place value on the ingredients

沼垂天然石市場/Nuttari Tennenseki Ichiba                                 

IMG_5375-500x333【OPEN】Mon. Wed. Fri. Sat.
0:00pm.- 5:00pm.

【CLOSED】Tue. Thur. Sun.


Original & semi-ordered accessories with the selected jewelry

S.W.D ₊ s-plan                                                                                   

12822716_190335094672880_1776077815_o-2-375x500【OPEN】Thur. – Sat.
1:00pm.- 5:00pm.


【TEL】(SWELD design) 080-4434-4950

Sophisticated scaffolding boards that had been used at construction sites, and well-designed equipment made out of iron


FH010001-500x334【OPEN】Mon., Thur.-Sat. 10:00am.- 5:00pm. (Rest: 0:30pm.-1:30pm.)

【CLOSED】Tue., Wed., Sun.


Original northern-European items using the vintage fabric, including baby items, tableware & Moomin products


IMG_7070-500x340【OPEN】Mon., Tue., Fri., Sat. 10:00am.-4:00pm.

【CLOSED】Wed., Thur., Sun., holidays


Feminine but a bit edgy accessories with gemstone or pearl ₊GOLD

松本商店/ Matsumoto Shoten                                                                   

【OPEN】Mon.-Sat. 9:00am.-5:30pm.

【CLOSED】Sun., National holiday


Retro items that bring you back to the nostalgic “Showa” period

松尾商店/ Matsuo Shoten                                                                   noimage




A “reservation-only” tempura deli open in the early morning

IRIE FLOWER らいおん堂/ IRIE FLOWER LION-DO                               

【OPEN】Everyday except Thursday 9:30am.-4:00pm. (Sun. & N.H.: – 3:00pm.)



A range of fresh, dried & stand flowers, and the background music of ROOTS ROCK REGGAE by Bob Marley

FISH ON                                                                                                 

【OPEN】Fri.-Sun. 0:00pm.-5:00pm. (Sun.: 10:00am.-6:00pm.)



Bookstore where you can be a “fish” exploring under the sea of used books


FH0000081-500x344【OPEN】Everyday except Tuesday 11:30am.-6:00pm. (5:00pm. L.O.) (Winter: -5:00pm.)



Relaxing atmosphere enjoying French & Italian food with your friends, family & by yourself

taruhi glass works                                                                                      

IMG_7277-500x333【OPEN】Everyday except Tuesday 10:00am.-6:00pm.



Original “Tombo-dama”(Glass bead) with your favorite colored pattern made within 15 minutes

HOSHINO koffee & Labo.                                                                           

FH000005-500x335【OPEN】Thur.- Sun. 8:00am.- 4:00pm. (3:00pm. L.O.) 【CLOSED】Mon.- Wed.


“Laboratory” for seeking all possibilities of coffee selection, authentic ingredients & harmony with Nuttari

work place シロツメ舎/work place Shirotsumesha                     

FH000020-500x335【OPEN】Thur.-Sun. 0:00pm.- 6:00pm.



Tradition ₊ Modernity into the original “Koginzashi”, a traditional artcraft in Aomori

ハチミツplus/ Hachimitsu plus                                                                  


【OPEN】Mon., Thur.-Sun. 11:00am.-5:00pm.

【CLOSED】Tue., Wed.


Selected used furniture & clothing focusing on their backgrounds & features

なり-nuttari NARI-                                                                                     

【OPEN】Stay: 8:00am.-11:00am./ 4:00pm.-10:00pm. Bar: 7:00pm.-11:30pm. (11:00pm. L.O.)

【CLOSED】Summer/ Winter break


Guesthouse & bar that renovated an old Japanese-style house built about 90 years ago

BOOKS f3                                                

【OPEN】Mon., Thur.-Sun. 1:00pm.-8:00pm.

【CLOSED】Tue., Wed.


New / Old photo books for you & precious ones- offering an opportunity to come across “something” in your life